Protection, privacy and so much more...

Window Tint provides many benefits, primarily heat reduction, privacy, energy savings, looks good, protection against harmful UV rays and much more.

There are two primary categories, Automotive (or car tint), tint for Home and Office which is what we refer to as ‘flat glass’ tint. Lets start with automotive as it commands a larger share of market and just about everyone knows the benefits given that a very large percentage of us have had tint on our vehicles. 

A Stack of Benefits for Cars...

The number one reason to tint a vehicle is to cut out heat from passing through the glass. This can make a significant difference to the inside temperature, in some cases up to 60% heat reduction. Great for summer and warmer climates.

There are a host of other major benefits that include; the dramatic reduction of glare, reducing eye strain as well as diluting the effects of the dazzling sun, top up protection from harmful UV rays to around 99% protection and the fact that tint also acts as a privacy barrier against prying eyes on items left in a vehicle.  Plus there’s safety and security protection and simply ‘good looks'. All Solartint stores have professionally trained tinters to apply your choice of tint and back it all up with Lifetime Warranties!

... And Heaps More for Homes, Shops and Offices

This is flat glass tinting referred to above. The main benefits are reducing heat, glare and damaging UV rays but there are some significant differences that can save you money and give your home or office significant protection. Plus there’s a range of frosted and opaque decorative films to bring a home or shop or office to life!

Here’s some details around what you can expect from Solartint films:

  • Solartint Films can dramatically reduce energy costs as well as cut out heat, glare and UV plus act as an insulator in winter to help keep heat in
  • If nighttime internal reflection is a problem and is hampering your stunning views, some solar films when applied to the windows can work to cut down internal glare and reflection at night to improve your view
  • Solartint Safety Films are 3 times thicker than standard film can be applied to glass say sliding doors that can help hold the glass together in the unfortunate event of an accident, saving serious injury
  • Solartint Security film up to 7 times thicker can be applied to areas of glass like a shop front, and can help prevent smash and grab or reckless attack by vandals
  • Solartint Anti-Graffiti film can be applied to glass areas as a sacrificial film to protect against scratching, ‘coining or key scraping’ and reckless vandalism
  • Solartint Decorative and Designer frosted and opaque films can be used to brighten up a home or office, shop front signage or simply a privacy screen effect on glass partitioning

Remember to talk to your Solartint expert about maximising energy efficiency in the home or office by using the most advanced window films that genuinely can make a difference to your power bills. 

If you can’t find what you’re looking for or simply need more information or assistance, contact your nearest store.

What do I do next?

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