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Glass is everywhere, a great feature in our daily surroundings, adding exciting elements to modern architecture, creating space and bringing natural light to our everyday environment. But all that glass has its price, enabling the sun’s damaging UV radiation to damage our furniture and carpets, annoying glare to impair vision on our TV and computer screens and excessive heat passing through the windows increasing energy costs. Fight back and control these elements with Solartint Residential and Commercial Window Films.

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Protecting office furniture and employee comfort in the workplace are necessary considerations. You can increase comfort and productivity in the workplace with Solartint Window Films. Key benefits are: 

  • Rejecting up to 99% of UV radiation
  • Reducing up to 84% of heat
  • Rejecting 99% of infra-red radiation
  • Controlling up to 90% of glare
  • Securing your business with Safety and Security products
  • Will save energy and save you money!

Solar Film Range - Energy Savings You Can Count On

Standard glass windows contribute to allowing high levels of heat gain during the summer season and heat loss during the winter months, which means extra energy load on your heating/cooling system year round.

Unlike other window coverings, Solartint window films block heat before it passes though the glass and in cooler climates or winter months, acts as an insulator reducing heat loss through the glass. When you control these elements you’ll immediately notice appreciable energy savings.

Here’s a Comforting Thought For The Workplace - Better Productivity

It’s a fact. Excessive heat and glare can create an unproductive work environment. Solartint window films help control temperature imbalance through a building and by minimising excessive glare, employees can enjoy natural light without being distracted by it.

First Impressions Are Everything

When you look at many commercial buildings, you’ll often see the untidiness of windows-blinds half open, desks, computer equipment and electrical cords. Add style, distinction and value to your property by creating uniformity to the exterior appearance. Solartint window films are available in a variety of shades and styles suiting any architectural requirement, all of which can greatly enhance the appearance of schools, hospitals, office buildings, restaurants, hotels and stores.

Solutions to Annoying Glare

Thought about how you can reduce that annoying glare on your TV or computer screen? Here’s your answer! Solartint offers a wide variety of products with ultra high glare rejection which when applied to the windows, it dramatically reduces annoying glare that spoils the picture! Isn’t that something to think about?

Controlling the Heat – Saving You Money

Do you have north or west facing windows in your office, which attract lots of sun in the afternoon? Does your whole office heat up and your persuaded to close the blinds or curtains due to the extreme heat penetrating your windows? Solartint has the solution.  Solartint solar films offer arguably the highest heat rejection films in the industry. Rejecting more than 86% of heat you can imagine how much cooler your home or office would be once this is applied!

And don’t forget that windows facing all directions are also penetrated by heat from the sun. Solartint offers different grades and shades of film that reject heat for every window.

Controlling Fading – Better Protecting Your Prized Possessions

Have you noticed your carpets, blinds, furniture or timber floors fading? Perhaps you’ve already replaced a few over the years. Solartint have window films that rejects more than 99% of harmful UV rays. That’s not all, the UV inhibitors placed within the layers of Solartint not only reduce fading, but also acts as a SPF 50+ protection factor to protect you and your employees.

Controlling Who Gets To Look Into Your Home or Office

From bathroom windows, to glass paneled front doors, Solartint can provide privacy with opaque, frosted or total block out films. No need to consider additional window coverings like blinds or curtains and lose your natural light. Solartint offers one-sided privacy film which will protect against prying eyes looking through your windows!

Solartint also offers frosted and opaque films for your partitions or any window you would like to obscure without affecting the natural light.

Decorative Films Can Brighten Up Your Home Or Office

Plain glass partitions, entry foyers and doors will never look the same after you’ve installed Solartint’s decorative films.  A wide variety of coloured opaque, patterned and frosted films will enhance the look of any glass panel to result in a designer look, even branding for the workplace for signage or retail shop window ‘promotional’ ideas. Change the look of your businesses with this cost effective solution.

Protect Your Home or Office With Safety or Security Window Films

Extra protection for your staff by applying Solartint’s Safety and Security film! Solartint have films up to seven times thicker than standard films offering maximum protection against injury from flying broken glass or from intrusion by would be break-ins.

Solartint security film has been tested and exceeds the Australian/New Zealand Human Impact Standard- AS/NZ 2208: 1996

Anti-Graffiti Sacrificial Film – Saves On Glass Replacement Costs

Solartint’s Anti-Graffiti film can protect any glass panel with sacrificial film that once damaged can simply be removed and replaced. This low-tack clear film is applied to protect the surface of vandal prone surfaces including glass, mirrors, stainless steel trim, inside lift panels from damage to the original surface.  For example, there’s significant savings by simply replacing film as opposed to glass replacement. 

Architectural Window Films from Solartint 

For Architects, Facility Managers, Interior Designers and Glass Partition Companies there’s a vast range of window film solutions to consider. Here’s just a few reasons, films that:

  • Lower heating and cooling costs, saving energy, saving money
  • Increase occupant comfort
  • Protect against fading – furniture, carpets, artworks
  • Enhance the appearance of any property
  • Increase safety and security
  • Are available in many shades and colours
  • Dramatically cut back glare on computer screens and TV’s
  • Are backed by a strong manufacturer’s warranty

Included in this range of performance films to consider for major projects when only top end solutions are the requirement:

  • High Performance IR Films, multi-layered spectrally select films with the ability to reject up to 99% Infrared radiation.
  • Extruded and High Performance IR Films that reduce UV radiation by 99% dramatically reducing damage to interiors and more importantly, reducing risk of cancer causing UV.  
  • High performing films to drastically reduce annoying glare by up to 90%.
  • Heat reduction films to keep out up to 65% heat passing through the glass helping to make significant savings on utility bills.
  • Lifetime Warranties on residential films and up to 15 years on commercial. 

Professionally Installed – It’s All About The Quality

Solartint window films are composed of thin layers of metalised and dyed, optically clear polyester laminated with special adhesive and protected by a durable, scratch-resistant coating. These films are generally installed to the inside of the windows and doors, offering immediate protection from the harmful and uncomfortable effects of the sun.

Your local Solartint store is an industry professional, and well qualified to help you select the right film for your building. They’re also equipped to provide building engineers, architects and facility managers with detailed technical specifications as required and even help out with a free ‘energy analysis’ to determine maximum results.

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