Window Tinting Sydney

Window tinting in Sydney is largely becoming one of the most popular choices for people to add insulation, block harmful UV radiation and add privacy in their homes.

Decorative and Protective films

We all know that glass and extra light adds the illusion of more space and modernity to your house, however glass will let heat and sunlight in and won’t protect your space from prying eyes. With window tinting, all those problems will be solved. 

Not only do window tints appear sleeker, compared to curtains and blinds, but they also protect your home or office from heat, sunlight and add privacy as well! Decorative films are another popular option for those looking to add a creative touch to their homes.

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Branches in Australia

Having started out doing residential and commercial window tinting in NSW, Solartint now have branches in Victoria, South Australia and the ACT, which reflects our growing knowledge and success in this industry.

Get the Experts

Having nearly 40 years of experience, Solartint are the people to call for window tinting in Sydney.
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Solartint is undeniably a household name, and one of the most trusted brands in the Australian marketplace today.