Window Tint Care

A lot of people can sometimes overlook the maintenance of car window tint. While it’s not a tough job to keep your tint looking in tip-top condition, special care must be taken to ensure that your new tint stays looking just as good for years to come.

Some of the precautions that you could take to do so are:

  • Rolling Down Your Windows – we recommend that you try not to roll down your car’s window for at least two to three days after they have been tinted. This is to ensure that the film adhesive bonds with the glass well and would not peel off when they are rolled down afterwards.
  • Cleaning – it is also recommended that you allow at least three days before cleaning your newly tinted windows. This is to decrease the risk of the tint being loosened from the surface of the glass before it has completely dried.
  • Window Tint Products – specifically formulated products to clean tinted windows are recommended to be used as a cleaning agent after the initial drying period has passed. These products ensure that no harsh chemicals interfere with your newly tinted car windows during the cleaning process.

Window Tint Care

For any specific queries that you may have about caring forwindow tint, speak to your local Solartint store.

Our experts are more than happy to help you with any questions that you may have and could even offer personalised recommendations on window tint care for your car.

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