Tinting Auto Windows

Tinting auto windows is an excellent way of making your car look more stylish and sporty. But did you know that there’s more to tinted auto windows than just looks? It’s true – not only does it improve the efficiency of your car’s heating and cooling system, but it also significantly reduces glare and cuts up to 99% UV rays, making it a safer ride for you and your family.

Tinting Auto Windows - Application Tinting Auto Windows - Finished Product

Pick from the Range:

And what’s more, if you’re considering tinting auto windows, our range gives you an endless choice of films. For example:

  • Charcool – a range of trendy and inexpensive tint film for those looking for affordable car window tinting

    With a factory backed lifetime warranty offered to all installations of Charcool car auto tint, Charcool offers one of the best price to performance ratios available in the tinted auto windows market today!

  • Onyx – our exceptionally high performance tint film with superior heat rejection; the ultimate choice in passenger comfort

  • Black Pearl – our blacker than black film – with pure optical clarity and naturally occurring nano particles, Black Pearl is the perfect choice for those looking for the darkest legal tint film

The Professionals

Get in touch with your local Solartint store to learn more about tinting auto windows. Our team can help guide you through the selection process and answer any questions that you might have about getting your car tinted.

Speak to our tinted auto windows specialists or drop onto one of our many stores Australia wide for an obligation free consultation with our expert team to discuss your options in car window tinting!

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Choose to be different. Charcool blocks out 99% of UV and comes with a factory-backed lifetime warranty.


Black Pearl

Blacker than black. A fusion of pure optical clarity combined with spectrally select natural occurring nano particles.



High performance tint technology. Exceptional heat rejection for a ride offering enhanced passenger comfort


Car Tinting

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