Solar Film for Cars

Tinting car windows is beneficial in more ways than one. Not only does it make your car look sleek and stylish (especially if you pick a darker tint film), but the right solar tint film could also help protect you and your family from heat, glare and harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun.

Solar Film For Cars - Outdoor 4 Wheel Drive

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Available Films

With a wide range of tint films available for you to choose from, tinting your car with solar window tint film has never been easier. Plus, with film options ranging from lighter to the darkest legal tint film, price points starting lower than you’d think and unmatched warranty offered on all our tint jobs, Solartint is your one stop tint shop for all your car solar tinting needs.

What’s more, with stores located Australia wide, obtaining expert advice is never too far away. Drop into your nearest Solartint store for expert advice and personalised consultation on picking the right solar tint film for your car.

With Solartint car tinting, you can enjoy being out on the open road and feel protected.

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