Solar Film

Whether you apply solar film to your car, home or office windows, the benefits are virtually endless. In addition to looking great, solar tint film helps:

  • Improve privacy and security – darker shades of solar film helps reduce visibility into your car or home. Not only could this help keep prying eyes off your internal contents and make you feel safer, but it could also act as a visual deterrent for vandals to break into your car or property.
  • Enhance visibility – with superior glare reduction, solar film helps increase visibility outside at home, in your car or office. This could also mean less eye fatigue caused by glare bouncing off your screens at work and a more enjoyable entertainment experience at home.
  • All year energy savings – the energy exchange restrictions that solar film provides your windows with contributes to a direct savings, whether at home or on the road. This is because in the warmer months, solar tint film helps reduce heat entering from outside, and traps heat inside during winter.
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