Privacy Film for Car Windows

Solartint’s range of car window films is an investment in your driving experience as well as your car’s value. With a unique blend of style and functionality, our range of car tint films feature:

Privacy Film For Car Windows
Black Pearl
  • Enhanced privacy – car tint films (in particular Black Pearl – our darkest range of film) offers an excellent way of increasing your ride’s privacy from prying eyes.
  • An added layer of security – privacy film for car windows is a great way of adding a further layer of security to your car. Keeping your belongings out of eyesight could prevent break-ins, and keep your valuables safer from smash and grab style attacks.
  • Protection from the sun – our range of window tint films offer exceptional protection from the sun’s harmful ultraviolet ray. With up to 99% UV protection, you and your family will be safe from prolonged UV exposure during your daily commutes.
  • Enhanced appearance – privacy tint for cars is a great way to boost the sportiness and stylishness of your car, with minimum effort and investment. With a wide range of colours and options available, you’re guaranteed to find one that matches your lifestyle.

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