New Car Interior Protection

Solartint’s range of car interior protection solutions are just what you need – with comprehensive protection for leather and fabric alike, we specialise in interior car protection for virtually all car interiors. 

The Benefits

New Car Interior Protection Back Seats

Protection against Food and Liquid Spills

These new car interior protection solutions provides effective protection against food and liquid spills. This helps reduce the mess created as a result of accidental spills, often which could be quite costly to clean up otherwise.

Quick Tip: If interior protection for cars have been applied to your seats and upholstering, you’d be able to clean up any mess with ease, before they are actually absorbed into the fabric – making clean up a breeze!

Staining and Sticking

As a result of forming an effective barrier against your seats and trims, our range of car interior protection solutions prevent staining and residue sticking, thereby helping preserve your car’s interior in its original condition.

While this is especially applicable as interior protection for new cars, this could benefit even older cars, especially those with leather seats and trims, as Auto Shield helps leather resist staining, cracking and discoloration for longer.

Dust and Dirt Resistant

Auto Shield’s range of interior car protection also helps keep dust and dirt away from your seats, especially from grooves and ridges which are often most susceptible to dust collecting within.

As a result of Auto Shield’s protective layer, dust and dirt collection are less likely, thereby creating a virtually self-cleaning car interior protection base!

Learn more about the range

To see how you could start spending less time on car interior maintenance, speak to our car interior protection specialists, and see how Auto Shield could help you do more of the things you love today!

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