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With Solartint’s comprehensive commercial, office and home window tinting prices, there’s no better place to get your window tinting done. And with the many benefits that tint film provides, whether you’re a home owner looking for the best priced window tint for your lounge, a small business wanting to decorate your store front or looking for the best bang for your buck office window tinting prices for your start-up, Solartint has you covered!

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Explore the Home Tinting options we have available

And depending on where you install your window tint film, you might find the film actually pays for itself over its lifetime. For example -

Some of these include:

  • Anti-graffiti window film applied on your store windows could help save the actual glass surfaces of your store-front in the event of vandalism. When you factor in the cost of replacing the actual glass vs. simply peeling off and replacing the window film, the loss of revenue due down-time and cost of reputation in the event of vandalism, the small price of commercial window tint is an invaluable investment.
  • Energy efficient home window tint film applied to your home or office windows could help save on your energy bills all year round, due to the reduction in energy exchange through windows.

Head in to your nearest Solartint store to explore the range, and find out more information about home, commercial and office window tinting prices. Our team could work with you and tailor a solution that matches your price-point and needs.

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