Commercial Window Tinting

If you’re looking to get office or store window tinting, consider our range of commercial window tinting. With extensive knowledge in what businesses look for and value in window tinting, whether you’re a large multinational corporation looking to tint a high rise building or a small business owner looking for an affordable way to redecorate your store front, we’ve got you covered!

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Solartint Products

  • Anti-graffiti commercial window films – our selection of anti-graffiti window film is perfect for your store front. With a tough exterior surface, it acts as a protective shield against graffiti and could easily be replaced if necessary. This saves you the cost of replacing the actual glass itself if ever the surface is scratched or vandalised!
  • Enerlogic window tint – Enerlogic window film is an excellent choice for your office environment with its superior energy saving capabilities. But the benefits don’t stop just yet – Enerlogic commercial tint restrict glare bouncing off screens such as computers and interactive displays, leading to a more comfortable and enjoyable work environment for you and your staff.
  • Decorative tint films – with a large selection of decorative commercial glass tint films available in our range, whether you’re looking for frosted glass film, reflective or custom cut shapes, we’ve got it all. With decorative films, if you can imagine it we can design it!
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Get the Experts

Get in touch with your local Solartint store to learn more about our selection of window tint for commercial buildings. They can help guide you in picking the right commercial tint for your business needs.

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