Car Window Tinting Services

Tinting your car windows is a great way to give your car a sleek and sporty look. But did you know that there are several other advantages to car window tinting than just looks?

Advantages of window tinting

  • Helps hold the glass together in the event of breakage – in the unfortunate event of your car’s window being shattered, the window tint film could help hold the fragments of glass together.
    This means that the glass shrapnel may not be dispersed into the vehicle, keeping you and your family safer.
  • Increased fuel efficiency – by restricting the amount of heat entering your car, window tint films helps decrease the load on your car’s air conditioning system, leading to reduced fuel consumption on the long run.
  • Increased privacy – darker window tint films could create an effective barrier against prying eyes on valuables left inside your car. This discourages ‘smash and grab’ style attacks, resulting in a safer drive.

Our Range

Solartint specialises in car window tinting services for almost any vehicle type. And with a wide array of window tint films to choose from, you’re guaranteed to have that perfect shade of tint for your personality and budget.

Car Window Tinting - Charcool


Choose to be different. Charcool blocks out 99% of UV and comes with a factory-backed lifetime warranty.

Car Window Tinting - Black Pearl

Black Pearl

Blacker than black. A fusion of pure optical clarity combined with spectrally select natural occurring nano particles.

Car Window Tinting - Onyx


High performance tint technology. Exceptional heat rejection for a ride offering enhanced passenger comfort

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