Car Window Tinting Prices

The price of car window tinting varies drastically, depending on many factors, such as the grade of film. Similarly to cars, there are different grades of film ranging from your high-end and high performance, right down to the lower end of the scale.

Our range includes high performing films for those looking for the best, as well as films for those who are more budget conscious.

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There’s a Solartint solution for any car window tint price budget!

One of the most influential factors used to determine the car window tinting price is the type of window tint film used.

We at Solartint believe in offering our customers the freedom of choice when it comes to picking out a window tint; which is why we carry a wide range of tint films, each offering you a different choice in car window tint prices.

Specialised Films

  • Charcool Window Tint - this is our range of value tint aimed at the budget conscious customers. Although this is a budget car window tint, and is one of the more affordable window tints available.
    Charcool offers up to 99% ultra violet protection, helping protect you and your family from the harmful and damaging effects of UV.

  • Onyx Window Tint - our range of high performance window tint. Although Onyx measures slightly higher in the car window tint price scale, it offers exceptional heat rejection, thereby offering one of the best levels of passenger comfort in the class of car window tint, based on its price point.
  • Black Pearl Window Tint - the darkest tint range available. Being ‘blacker than black’, these tint films are created using an advanced combination of naturally occurring Nano particles and optical clarity, resulting in one of the best in class car window tints available in the market today.

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Black Pearl

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