Car Window Tint Levels

Tinting your car’s windows is an excellent way of personalising your car. And given the many functional benefits (such as improved fuel economy and safety advantages), window tinting is now more popular than ever before.

Which Tint Level of Tint?

To help you achieve the look that matches your personality, we at Solartint stock a wide range of levels of car window tint. These different levels of tint vary in colour and darkness, enabling you to pick that exact shade of tint to complement your car colour and style.

For example, if you’re after a value oriented film, consider Charcool; with up to 99% UV blocking capabilities and a factory backed lifetime warranty, Charcool offers a unique combination of style and functionality for a limited budget.

Our Tint Levels:

onyx car window tintingblack pearl window tint 

charcool window tint

Call over to your local Solartint store to see for yourself our range of different levels of car window tint. Our friendly staff can help you choose the right shade of tint for your car, considering your individual requirements.

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