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Auto Shield is a revolutionary treatment that offers complete auto care, protecting interior and external surfaces of your car. Being a multi-stage car protections process, it provides:

  • A tough shell against common automotive issues such as paintwork fading and discolouration due to ultraviolet radiation from the sun
  • An effective barrier against acidity found in bird droppings and tree sap which could leave irreversible damage to your car’s paintwork
  • A nourishing coat for leather seats that help reduce surface cracking and fading
  • Protection for car fabrics and carpets against food spills
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Our Range of Car Protection Products are for the most discerning car enthusiasts


The Auto Shield Range

Plus, you also receive a reward kit when you invest in an Auto Shield car protection pack. The kit contains a range of useful items such as premium waterless wash, car shampoo, tint-safe glass cleaner and surface rejuvenator amongst heaps of other goodies that could help you maintain your car in showroom-like condition.


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Save Time and Money

Speak to your local Solartint store to learn more about Auto Shield’s range of complete auto care treatments. With a lifetime nationwide warranty on our car protection packs, rest assured that your investment is guaranteed for life

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