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No one likes driving around in a car that is covered in dirt and has faded and cracked interior and paint. But how do you keep your car looking newer for longer, without spending all weekend cleaning and polishing it? Auto Shield automotive care products offer just that.

Auto Shield Car Care

With complete protection for your car’s interior surfaces and exterior paint work, Auto Shield works hard to keep your car looking newer, by helping prevent against paint fading, discolouration, damage from bird droppings and much more!

And, Auto Shield’s range of automotive car care products help maintain your leather and vinyl interior against cracking and food spills seeping through its surfaces; all this while nourishing and providing that brand new glossy finish.

Automotive Car Care - Honda Cr v Automotive Car Care - Top Down

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And don’t forget, with every purchase of an exterior/interior pack, you receive a complementary reward kit to take your automotive car care to the next level!

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The reward kit includes premium waterless wash, premium car shampoo, and a surface rejuvenator amongst a host of other goodies to help keep your car in showroom condition!

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