Auto Window Tint Removal

What you need to know about Removing Window Tint

While removing car window tint seems like quite a straightforward process, it’s not always so. This is especially true in the case of most modern cars, where car windows have several electronic devices such as antennas or defrosters installed on them.

Without the use of specialised auto tint removal tools and the right skills to do so, the chances of damaging such fine electronic circuitry are greatly increased. Damage to these electronic devices could make a ‘simple tint removal job’ cost much more than initially expected.

Auto Window Tint Removal - Blue Ford Falcon

Even if your car doesn’t have such electronic devices attached to its windows, removing old tint film must be done with utmost care and precision. Since most window tint films are made with two layers of film bonded together, peeling off only the top layer could leave a sticky mess of residue on your car windows. Not only is this much harder to remove, but could also scratch and streak windows.

To ensure that the removal of old window tint is done right, find your local Solartint store.


With years of experience in removing bubbled and discoloured window tint, our specialists possess the skills and tools to remove old window tint without damaging your car windows. What’s more, we could even replace them with fresh tint film of your choosing while you wait!

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