Anti Glare Film For Windows

Installing anti glare film is a great way of reducing glare entering through your home or office windows. Not only will this help reduce light bouncing off your computer and television screens, but it could also help protect your interior furnishing and carpets against fading and discolouration due to excessive ultraviolet exposure from sunlight.

And because our range of anti glare window films for homes and offices comes in a choice of fully transparent or a range of colours to choose from, you can match or even mix and match window film colours to achieve a more sophisticated designer look, all while reducing glare and UV exposure!

Anti Glare Film On Home Windows

Treated Windows with Anti Glare Window Film

Apply to any Window Surface

What’s great about or range of anti glare window tint film is that it can be applied to almost any existing window surface. This means that you don’t need to replace your current windows, resulting in a very minimum installation time and a much more affordable solution to reducing glare.

Get an Obligation-free Quote

Reach out to your nearest Solartint dealer to learn more. They can help arrange an obligation free quote to have your windows treated with anti glare window film, and could also help with any specific questions that you might have.

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